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Social + Environmental Impact

Leave it better than you found it.  

The easiest way to help evolve the world to a better place is to commit to leaving everything better than how you found it. We believe in this mantra on the trails, in life, and in business.  

Along with daily laughs, smiles, and being kind humans, PACHA is committed to being a positive source of good in this world through ethical and sustainable business practices.

Social Collaboration
We collaborate with our local communities as part of our social mission. We currently work with a local, Texas-based, non-profit that provides gainful employment to immigrants and refugees for manufacturing our waxed canvas bags.

Made In The USA
Our goods are currently cut, sewn, and manufactured in Texas. 

Our waxed canvas is sourced in Texas. Each piece is hand waxed with locally sourced Texas beeswax. Our leather is vegetable tanned and sourced responsibly from the US. 

Upcycling Waste
To reduce waste in our production to a bare minimum, PACHA retains our offcuts and scaps to repurpose into small items (hello, field pouches!)

Waxed canvas is durable, water-resistant, and eco-friendly. It is a more eco-friendly alternative to many other fabrics as it is made completely from natural materials. Read more about the origins and care of waxed canvas. The vegetable tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in different vegetable matter, such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots. It's an old-world, artisanal process that's free of any harmful chemicals. 

Made to Last
Waxed canvas is made to last. It is incredibly durable and the choice of sailors and explorers in the mid-19th century.

Locally Sourced, Ethically Made
PACHA sources the majority of our fabrics and materials from locally owned business in the US. We seek out suppliers who practice fair and safe labor and who value using eco-friendly processes. All of our travel goods are ethically made and support, both people and the planet.